The Sand Man

- November 1, 2012

Firstly, we hope everyone is ok and safe from this hurricane the East Coast just experienced. We were very fortunate that our basement studio did not flood and we did not endure any major discomforts during the storm. A lot of friends and family are not as lucky. Our deepest sympathy goes out to those who took it the hardest and have a long recovery. There are a few food/clothing drops around town and we will update this post if we find any other good ways to make donations. Right now we suggest you should drop off any food, clothing, etc. you can to Meat Hook – 100 Frost St. in Brooklyn. Their donations are going straight to helping those who are living in the Rockaways. 111 homes in Breezy Point are now gone and as far as I know the entire boardwalk is gone. This is insane.