New For Spring/Summer 2014

- May 14, 2014

Hello. So- we’ve been a bit busy getting pictures, updating the site, enjoying life and seeing seasons change. Also the place that used to develop our film closed so we haven’t had much to update the blog with. Sorry for the lack of posts. Whatever. So  we’ve finally gotten a bunch of new stuff online in the shop now! We are psyched on this season’s items and colors. We are going to give you a little run through of all the new things we are offering online now. So, here we go:

BANDANAS!!!! We made two new style bandanas this season. One being a checker board and the other a floral pattern. The checkerboard is something we are extremely excited about. Lindsay does all of our bandana artwork and she really nailed it this season. The checkerboard either comes as a bandana or you can get the “checkers set” which include 24 handmade ceramic checkers pieces from Wheel Ceramic Company. Tie it up, take it with you and play checkers anywhere!

We also ran the floral bandana in new colors featuring our hidden bunny buddy! 

This season the Drawstring Pouch comes in a bunch of new fabrics. This pouch is great for toiletries or just a way to organize one of your larger totes.

The Mechanic Wallet which fits an iPhone, credit cards and cash is new this season. Has two compartments, one which is secured with a Talon zipper and closes with the S&S branded snaps.

This season we did the Seabag with cloth straps and lighter fabric which makes it great for an everyday market style tote. The name comes from an old style bag we made with used USN seabags which also featured the round bottom.

Breadbags! Based on old breadbag/musette designs. Has an interior pocket, two side pockets, snap closure and hand-dyed leather adjustable leather strap.

Logo tote with cloth straps! For people that want the logo tote but cloth straps. Nice grey and white color combo makes for a clean looker!

The Coal Bag with leather straps in a few new colors also. 

And a lot of people still ask us to elaborate on what exactly we mean by “flood print”. All of these heavy canvas totes are actually natural colored canvas which we have screen printed with color. So with time, the print will break down and show through some of the original natural color kind of like jeans in that each users wear and tear show through uniquely. Here’s our black logo tote(currently sold out till August).

The natural of the logo shows the original fabric color where there is no print. You can also see how some fading and staining are coming through really nicely.

This season we did both logo and non-logo lap aprons. Here are our two aprons after a couple months use.  

Click over to the shop to see all the new colors and styles for SS14. We are really proud of these new goods and hope you enjoy! Have a great Summer.