The Hill-Side & Co.

- May 31, 2012

When Emil and Sandy first told me of this project, The Hill-Side & Co. I thought they were crazy. When the pieces started trickling in I was in shock. They were able to pull off an incredible feat of organizing 23 different brands to create 66 different products, all revolving around The Hill-Side’s fabric. I am extremely glad to contribute to such a great collection and even more, proud to be friends with such ambitious people. Hats off to all.

All of my photos have been real random – sorry. Will try better next time.

Bill Gentle of Backyard Bill came by and took some wonderful photographs of Lindsay and me. Bill was really great to spend the afternoon with and discuss our similar interests. Thank you for coming by and shootin’ the shit with us Bill. You can see all of Bill’s photos of us and also our Q+A over at Backyard Bill. Thanks for looking.